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Rtek7 ECU Upgrade
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Summer Closure
RX7 ECU's, both DTI install and self install, will NOT be processed between July 8th and July 15th. If your ECU is received after July 5th, it will not be processed until after July 17th. Please plan your ECU shipment to us accordingly. All other non-Rtek orders will be processed normally during this time.

Rtek7 S5 NA Stage 2

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digital tuning, inc. is proud to offer a line of RX-7 ECU upgrades. The Rtek7 ECU Upgrade is a replacement ECU chip for Second Generation RX-7s. This unique upgrade offers features not found anywhere else in such an easy to install system.

Chris Ludwig from Ludwig Motorsports sent us these dyno charts from an Rtek7 equipped S5NA. The only mods on the 95k mile car is an RB header (factory primary cat still installed) and the Rtek7 Stage 2 Upgrade.

After tuning the car, it made 46 more HP at 6500 RPM, just from tuning fuel!

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After tuning with the Rtek7 Stage 2 ECU Upgrade:

Also check out:
AFR chart (stock)
AFR chart (tuned)
HP Comparison List

Rtek7 for S5 Non Turbo
(N350,N351,N352,N353 ECUs only)
Stage 2
User Adjustable Fuel Correction Map [details] 18 x 14
(252 Points)
User Adjustable Timing Maps (x2)
15 x 19
(285 Points)
Primary Injector Size Presets [details] 460cc, 550cc
Secondary Injector Size Presets [details] 460cc, 550cc, 720cc
SCCA Legal for ITS class [details]
MOP Removal [details]
Adjustable secondary staging RPM [details]
Adjustable 6 Port Induction staging RPM [details]
Adjustable Variable Dynamic Intake staging RPM [details]
Increase Rev limit to 9200 RPM [details]
Disable temperature compensation of timing [details]
External General Purpose Loggable Analog Input [details]
Adjustable RPM Activated output [details]
Diagnostic Check Codes and I/O Viewer [details]
Datalogging Port [details]
No wires to splice, no "black box" clutter
Extends engine life by defeating the Accelerated Warmup System (AWS) [details]
Palm PDA Based Programming and Datalogging Software [details]
Self-Install Available
Price $449.00

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Rtek7 Stage 2
ECU Upgrade S5NA

Bluetooth Serial
Adapter for Rtek7

All Stage 2 Upgrades include PocketLOGGER for RX7 control software

I have read and understand the requirements of the
Stage 2 Rtek7

Customer review:
Rtek7 ECU Upgrade:
The fuel cut on cranking (anti flood) function worked great! Rebuilds flood consistently when first started for a few hundred miles, so this ... more
-Kevin Landers, Morristown, TN
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