PocketLOGGER Installation Guide

Please be aware of the following:
The ABS is disabled when the PocketLOGGER connector is inserted in to the diagnostic port.
Do not attempt to adjust the timing with the PocketLOGGER data cable plugged into the diagnostic port.

Please email support@pocketlogger.com if you would like to get instructions on how to enable the ABS when the data cable is plugged in.

Follow these simple steps to install the PocketLOGGER data cable:

Locate the fuse box near the driver's side kick panel. In the upper right hand corner of the fuse box, you will see a black boot covering a connector. Remove this boot by peeling it left to right.
Under the boot, you will find the diagnostic connector.
Plug the PocketLOGGER cable into the connector. It should snap into place. This is a locking connector. It will not fall out. To remove the cable, *first* fully depress the tab on the left side of the connector, then gently pull the connector out.

Connect the power lead to an unused fuse port. Make sure the terminal you plug it into has power.

Connect the other end of the PocketLOGGER data cable to your HotSync cable or cradle.

Start datalogging!

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