Where is my serial number located?

This number is the number printed on the white label attached to your PocketLOGGER cable. It is not your invoice number, serial number to your Palm, any numbers from a Hotsync cable, or any other number other than the 4 digit "Serial Number" printed on the label attached to your PocketLOGGER cable.

We will not process requests without a valid serial number.

I cant find the serial number..

DSM cables manufactured before 3/8/01 did not have serial numbers. If you have one of these cables, type "none" in the serial number box. If you type "none" and your cable did have a serial number, your request will not be processed.

If for some reason you have lost your cable serial number, type "lost" but please be aware that this will severely delay the processing of your request. If you previously purchased a PocketLOGGER (software with cable) and no longer have the cable in your posession, you cannot download the software.

If you purchased the "Software Only" option..

If you purchased the 1G DSM PocketLOGGER "Software Only" option, then please type "so" for your serial number.