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Alex Parisi
Jay Watson
Justin DuBois
Kevin McGrier
Nick Andersen
Ryan Kniess
Sven Poelmans

Alex Parisi
Philadelphia, PA
1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

team(s): teamdti & PhillyDSM
performance mods: EvoIII 16G turbo, RC Racing 550cc injectors, Walbro 255lph fuel pump, GReddy frontmount intercooler, GReddy Type-S Blow Off Valve, APEX'i 3" turbo back, tubular O2 sensor housing w/external wastegate dump, GalantVR4 first gear, double synchro second gear, aluminum shift forks, Fidanza flywheel, ACT XTSS clutch and pressure plate
asthetic mods: DG motorsports CF hood, custom rear deck, Rota Slipstreams
best time: 267 @ 16psi
facts: founder and co-admin of the new and improved PhillyDSM.
website: http://www.ziptiebandit.com/

Jay Watson
Ontario, Canada
2001 Mazda Miata

team(s): teamdti and iwantamazda
performance mods: I/H/E + Suspension + rollbar + 15x8 3-pc. wheels + sticky rubber!
best time: FTD (Fastest Time of Day) at HADA event #3 2004
awards: 2003 Ontario Regional champion in A-Super Stock class... AKA... the ASS master.
facts: Other sponsors: WPFRI.com - Williams Performance Friction... AWESOME brake pads

Claim to fame: Only non-DSM car on this page! RWD for LIFE!!!!

Justin DuBois
Los Angeles, CA
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX & 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse

performance mods: JDM 4G63-2.0 L Big 16G Turbo, JIC, Upper A-arms, RRE rear sway bar, John Mueller tuned

Kevin McGrier
Broadview, IL
1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

car name: GURLBLU
team(s): GURLBLU Racing

Nick Andersen
Delavan, WI
1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD

team(s): GURLBLU Racing
performance mods: Hyundia 2.4 6 bolt block, Eagle rods, Wiesco 9:1 comp pistons, Cometic head gasket, removed balance shafts, Crower 272 street cams, Crower springs/retainers, Dejon 3" intake pipe, FRH intake man., 2G Ported EXH man., PTE SCM61 Turbo, VPE 2.5" o2 housing, Tial 40mm ext. gate, Tial BOV [red], Spearco 2-216 intercooler, SAFC, MAF trans., 3" GM Maf, PTE 780CC inj., Aeromotive FPR, ACT 2600 PP, 2G clutch disc, Fidanza flywheel, stock 3 bolt rear end, Greddy EGT gauge, Autometer boost gauge, Palm Logger, stock Laser AWD 16" wheels, Yokohoma AVS-I tires, Eibach SportLine springs
website: http://www.turbotuners.net/

Ryan Kniess
Jefferson Hills, PA
1996 Eagle Talon TSI AWD

team(s): TeamVOA (Team Visions of Aggression)
performance mods: Ported big 16g turbo, Ported 2g exhaust manifold, 550cc inj., Centerforce 2500lbs. clutch, Ported 2G O2 housing, ARP head studs, MKIV Supra intercooler, Hallman man. boost controller, Exhaust Depot downpipe, Thermal 3" Cat-Back exhaust, Dejon Tool intercooler pipes, Turbo XS BOV, Injen intake, Underdrive crank pulley, 190LPH Walbro fuel pump, NGK spark plugs, Magnercore 8.5mm wires
asthetic mods: 97 front bumper & fog lights, clear side markers, all red taillights
best time: 12.8@105
facts: Daily Driven. I did all the work on this car. Website creator of www.teamvoa.com

Sven Poelmans
Rochester, MN
1995 Mitsubushi Eclipse GSX

performance mods: FP Big T28 turbo, FP 17PSI actuator, Manual boost controller, Injen intake, Greddy Upper intercooler pipe and type S BOV, Ported EVO III O2 sensor housing and exhaust manifold, Apex'I GT downpipe and catback, B&M fpr and gauge, Walbro 255 lph HP fuel pump, FIC 550cc injectors, ACT 2100 kit, Fidanza flywheel, B&M short shifter, OBD2 PocketLOGGER, Autometer lunar boost, tachometer, oil pressure, water temp, EGT, voltmeter and fuel gauge, Apex'I Super AFC, Greddy turbo timer, battery relocated to trunk, fuel pump rewire kit
website: http://djsven.info/


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