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Software Install Problems

We do not provide support for setting up your Palm to Hotsync to your computer or installing applications on your Palm, but here are some common errors that you might get. Please refer to the Palm Desktop software documentation for any additional support.

Palm Install Tool error: "Unsupported format":

You can only install ".pbd" and ".prc" files on your Palm. If you try to install the ZIP file you were emailed without first extracting the files, you will get this error. Double click the file you downloaded and extract the files. Then install only the ".prc" and/or the ".pdb" files onto your Palm.

An "Open with.." window comes up when the ZIP file is double clicked:

You don't have WinZip installed. The file sent is in a compressed format. You need to extract the files in order for you to use them. Download and install the evaluation version of WinZip at Reboot your computer and try opening the ZIP file again.

Pressing the Hotsync button, the Palm says "Unable to establish connection to your computer":

Possible causes for this error include:

  • Improper connection between your PDA and computer. Check the cables.
  • Make sure that the Hotsync Manager is running. You should see a red and blue circle with arrows in your task tray (PC). Start it if it's not. Start-> Programs-> Palm Desktop-> Hotsync Manager.
  • Right click the Hotsync icon and make sure "USB" or "Serial" is checked, depending on the Hotsync cable you are using.
  • If you are using a Serial cable, right click the Hotsync icon then Setup->Local and make sure the com port is correct.


More information:
Are you installing the software for the first time, or reinstalling it after it was lost? Follow the step-by-step guide here.

Still Lost?:
If you still haven't found what you're looking for, you can take a look at our help section.

Customer review:
PocketLOGGER for DSM:
Thanks for the great software! It really is easy to use, and I'm glad I went this way instead of a laptop. ... more
-Jeff S., Columbus, OH

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