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As of Dec 2017, DTI is no longer selling products.
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About Us

The Company:

Formerly, digital tuning, inc was founded in May of 2001. Founded by Mike Montalvo, the company's goal is to provide leading edge automotive electronics that assist import performance enthusiasts in extracting power from their cars. With today's complex engine management systems, it is getting harder and harder to tune cars that have been modified. digital tuning is committed to providing tuning products and tools to aid import enthusiasts get the most from their vehicles. Along with providing great products, we pride ourselves on our top notch customer support.

"...our goal is not to make products that make us happy, but to make products that make our customers happy."

dti believes in maintaining close customer relations. While we try to design well thought out products, it's the customers in the real world, with real world scenarios that come up with some of the best ideas. We have always kept an ear open to our customers and encourage feedback from them. We encourage you to drop us an email and let us know what you think at

The Founder:

Since his 1977 VW Scirocco purchased in 1989, dti founder Mike Montalvo had an incurable craving for more power. Driven by this craving, he purchased a 1980 Camaro and built a worked 350. Having to drive 52 miles each way to work, he quickly found out that a worked SB Camaro was not exactly a good vehicle choice. The thought of an economical "import" car was enticing, despite the inherent lack of power. In 1994, a 95 Nissan Altima was purchased. Still in pursuit of more power, a nitrous kit was installed. With the added power, he was able to beat stock pony cars, running a best 1/4 mile time of 14.4 @ 96mph.

The import bug had bitten.

At this point, his knowledge and interest in electronics was increasing. He designed and installed a simple LED bargraph A/F gauge in his car to keep tabs on fuel delivery. Other projects like fuel and timing computers were started. In January 1997, he founded G-Force Motorsports with the intent to sell import performance parts and continue development of his projects. Finding it very hard to compete with already established shops in the area, he joined up with the now defunct AXZ Tuning in October of 1997. Working as a store manager and mechanic, Mike had little time to work on his own projects. During this time at AXZ though, he was able to get more of a feel for what kinds of products were needed in the import market.

After leaving AXZ in March of 1998, he landed a programming job writing Windows software. In his spare time, PocketLOGGER for DSMs was developed. In January of 2001, PocketLOGGER was completed and put on sale. Between his full time job and PocketLOGGER sales, there was little time left for new development, so in May of 2001, Mike quit his full time job and founded digital tuning, inc.

Customer review:
PocketLOGGER for DSM:
Just wanted to say thanks for such a great product! Even after figuring out what was wrong with my car, I spent the ... more
-Chris M., Peoria, AZ

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