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Problems Connecting

This page assumes you have properly installed and registered the software and properly connected the cable to the car and to the PDA. This guide will be of no use unless all these things have been done already.

Is the Software properly registered?

90% of all "it won't connect" complaints are registration issues. Make sure (i.e. double check), on the main PocketLOGGER screen (The screen on your Palm that has the graphic of the boost gauge) that it doesn't say "unregistered" under the OBDII logo. If it does, the software isn't registered. Try reentering your registration code into the registration screen as described in the QuickStart Guide. The program will NOT connect to the car if the software is unregistered.

Make sure the cable has power.

Make sure the ignition is on. The car doesn't have to be running, but the ECU needs power.

There are electronics in the cable that must be powered in order for it to work. Power is taken from the OBDII connector. It is possible that the OBDII connector may not have power on it due to a blown fuse. Use a meter or test light to check for power between a good ground and terminal 16. Or check between pins 4 or 5 (both are grounds) and pin 16 (+12v). If there is no power there with the ignition on, you probably have a blown fuse somewhere.

Check your connections.

Make sure your Palm is fully seated in the HotSync cradle or cable. Make sure the diagnostic connector is fully seated in the port. Make sure the Hotsync cable is fully connected to the PocketLOGGER cable. On some Handspring Visors, disconnecting the Visor from the Hotsync cable while the PocketLOGGER program is running then connecting it back up, releases the serial port from the Hotsync driver and allows PocketLOGGER access to the port.

Check your Palm.

Make sure your Beam Receive is On. From the App launcher, run the "Prefs" program and change the pull-down in the upper right corner to "General". The Beam Receive option is on that screen.

If these suggestions still do not help, then FULLY fill out a help ticket at


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Are you having problems with the software? Troubleshoot it here.

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-Joe R., GA
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