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Rtek7 ECU Upgrade
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Rtek7 ECU Upgrade
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Rtek7 ECU Upgrade

The fuel cut on cranking (anti flood) function worked great! Rebuilds flood consistently when first started for a few hundred miles, so this is an excellent resource for s4 cars. For the hundred bucks I give it my thumbs up. Cant wait to see his next releases.
-Kevin Landers, Morristown, TN
I installed it myself in my 88AE, all I have to say is that it is super clean, very easy to install, the instructions are very user friendly and it performed exactly like it says it does. I even intentionally flooded the car so that I could try the unflood procedure and it all worked perfectly! For that kind of money you can't complain! Very happy with it and would recommend this to everyone!
-Adam, Lake Charles, LA
I really like the product a lot, especially those who are looking for a better and more cost effective way to get rid of fuel cut. The common FCDs only trick the ECU. It has a much better value than just a FCD, not to mention itís a much more reliable route to take.
-Jesse Watts, Nashville, TN
In the automotive aftermarket, the adage "you get what you pay for" comes up often. However, with the release of the Rtek7 1.7 ECU upgrade, you now get much much more. The upgrade works exactly as advertised and my order was handled promptly and shipped quickly thanks to the excellent customer service at Digital Tuning Inc. I look forward to future upgrades...
-Jon Bloom, NY


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