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PocketLOGGER for DSMs

I love my PocketLOGGER, go Digital Tuning, go!
-Chris D., Matthews, NC
I just picked up a PocketLOGGER for my '90 GSX and am loving it. It runs off of a PDA (Palm, Handspring, Clie, etc;). I love how small it is, how portable it is, and the convenience of simply turning it on and logging.
-Nathan A., Duluth, MN
The detailed data is incredible and I wish I had bought it when they first came out so I could observe changes with each mod. If you are an old schooler like me and are resisting it like I did because the old way worked fine, or you are a newbie with a stock or modified 1g, then you must seriously consider this. It will prove invaluable to me, especially to see how much difference Toluene 10% and 20% will make at 18 psi and up.
-Joe R., GA
Dollar for dollar, you can't really beat them. They help you go faster, and help you do it safer. So, you'll save money by not burning pistons, and pounding your rod bearings to death. You'll also save money by not spending money on mods you don't really need by reviewing your data. They are so easy to use too. Even people that have trouble with computers could probably get one up and running.
-Dan L, PA
Best $$$ I put toward my DSM.
-Paul Peck, Littleton, CO
Thanks for the great software! It really is easy to use, and I'm glad I went this way instead of a laptop. It would be a little harder to hold a laptop in my left hand while holding the steering wheel, and my shifter in the right. :) Very easy to use, and I love getting close to 20 s/sec. Making 12's come easy.
-Jeff S., Columbus, OH
DSM Pocketlogger works great on my Galant and Laser; you can tune by watching knock counts and duty cycle. Big numbers is a great feature.
-Martin T., San Diego, CA
Just wanted to say thanks for such a great product! Even after figuring out what was wrong with my car, I spent the next couple days driving around with it hooked up so I could watch what was going on. Keep up the good work!
-Chris M., Peoria, AZ
I've had my logger for about a year now, probably one of the best investments I've ever made. I love how easy it is, and the support is remarkable! I would recomend the logger to anyone!!! Thanks a Million!!!!!!!!!!
-Chris Rees, AB


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