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"Given the electronic complexity of the modern automobile, navigating the digital maze of electrons under your hood has become virtually impossible without the right tool.
This is the right tool."

-Sport Compact Car, July 2002 (PocketLOGGER for OBDII)

"The PocketLOGGER is one of the cooler products we've ever tested."

-Car & Driver, October 2002 (PocketLOGGER for OBDII)
Read the entire article here.

The PocketLOGGER is a great metering device. A *huge* side benefit is the ability to diagnose CEL codes quickly and fix problems. I pull 19-20 samples per second consistently. I'll vouch for the ease of use and the portability of the PocketLOGGER can't be beat. Timing, coolant temps, O2s, short and long term fuel trims, speed, RPM, etc. Pretty much everything the ECU tracks, you get. I think the PocketLOGGER is great... excellently matched with a S-AFC to adjust fuel trims.
-Ryan M., Seattle, WA
The PocketLOGGER is an awesome tuning device for 2g's. Its well worth the money. It has made my car go a long way.
-Richard S., Clinton, NJ
I'm using a PocketLOGGER. I find it very useful for an OBDII application. It captures data faster than the laptop datalogger software. Other advantages are it is cheaper to buy a Palm than a laptop and easier to carry around, the PocketLOGGER software is easy to use, and some drag strips complain if you have a laptop in your car. With a Palm they don't even know it is there.
-Todd S., Johnston, RI
I have the Digital Tuning 2g PocketLOGGER running on a Palm M100. Sure you don't get knock count, but it still shows when your pulling timing, and tuning for good timing advance is just as good as tuning for 0 knock. Mine has already paid for itself by letting me see what my last couple of CEL's have been(Dealership charges me 75$ just to hook it up to the computer).Buy one and you will not be disappointed period.
-Justin S., Ogden, UT
... I really like it, it has high sample rates and can monitor basically every sensor... It has been a great tool in tuning, not to mention it clears CEL's.
-James L., Cerritos, CA


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