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DSM and OBDII PocketLOGGER requires two cables to connect your PDA to your car. The PocketLOGGER cable and a Serial Hotsync cable for your particular PDA. Click here for a diagram.

PocketLOGGER ZT only requires a Hotsync cable (sold separately).

PocketLOGGER Cables (DSM/OBDII):

We do not sell the PocketLOGGER cables separately from the software. PocketLOGGER cables are the key to the software. If your cable is lost or stolen, we will not replace it. Think of it as losing your Microsoft Office CD. Microsoft isn't going to give you a new one. If you lose the PocketLOGGER software we will send it to you again as long as you have the PocketLOGGER cable in your possession.

If your cable is damaged, send it back and we will be happy to fix or replace it for you for a nominal fee. Contact us for an RMA number.

Hotsync Cables:

The Hotsync cable is the cable that will connect your PDA to the external equipment. This external equipment could be a PocketLOGGER DSM or OBDII cable, or directly to other electronic modules. Instead of having to make new PocketLOGGER cables every time a company comes out with a new PDA, we make one generic PocketLOGGER cable and you purchase the Hotsync Cable for your particular PDA.

While you can buy Hotsync cables from anywhere you choose, we highly suggest buying Hotsync cables from us. The cables we carry are certified to work with PocketLOGGER. We have found several cables (especially cables for non-Palm brand PDAs, like Sony and Handspring) to not work with PocketLOGGER.

The Belkin Serial/USB Y cable sold for some Palm mXXX models, as well as some Sony Clie models, are NOT compatible with PocketLOGGER.


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Customer review:
PocketLOGGER for DSM:
The detailed data is incredible and I wish I had bought it when they first came out so I could observe changes with ... more
-Joe R., GA
Other Products:
Hotsync Cables
Hotsync Cables
Price: $19.95 - $29.95

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