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Which PDA should I get?

The information contained here is general
information about the range of available PDAs.
It is here to serve as a guide to picking a PDA.

You will find up to date compatibility information in our compatibility guide

It would probably be better to tell you which ones have features that may be a reason not to get that particular model. Pretty much all the Palm models work equally well for logging. You may considered what else (if anything) you plan to do with it when choosing a model.

As far as logging, memory is really not an issue. If you want your Palm to be a GameBoy too, then you might want to consider a model with a lot of memory. There are no performance differences between models when using PocketLOGGER. Even the budget m100 will log just as fast as a Palm Tungsten T3.

On a Budget:

The m100/m105 are great choices if you are on a budget. Problem is they have been discontinued. The have a smaller screen than all the other models, but are the cheapest. You can still find them at some online stores for well under $100.

The new Palm "Zire" and Palm Zire 21, 22, and 31 are cheap, but ARE NOT COMPATIBLE, because they do not have a serial port. They do not have a backlight either which would make night logging very hard. The Palm Zire 71, however, IS compatible.

Sony Clie SL/SJ Series is probably the next up on the price list. You get quite a bit for the money. These are the cheapest Palms that have a high resolution screen. There are several models that are known NOT to work due to an OS bug. Our Serial cable for these Clies are the only ones we have found to be compatible with PocketLOGGER.

Handspring Visors are nice and cheap. They have a large screen and are pretty readily available. They can be found from $20 to $50 off ebay but the HotSync cable is $10 more than the Palm cables.

Any of the Palm III Series models, like the IIIc, IIIxe, etc. are a great choice. None of these models are currently in production so you will need to find a used one. The Palm IIIc is really nice at night, but you can't read the screen in direct sunlight.

More than datalogging:

The Palm V/Vx and m5xx series are nice if you are going to carry it around all the time and actually use it as a PDA. Their form factor is much nicer to fit in your pocket and it's lighter too. Be forewarned, though. They are not as sturdy as the plastic cased models. One drop on concrete and you will have a nice dent in the metal case. Palm gets $100 to replace the thin aluminum case. The plastic cases are much more forgiving when gravity calls.

There have been complaints of the sturdiness of the connector in the m500/m505/m125/m130 models. In an effort to make the connector smaller, Palm also made it weaker. Complaints have been that the HotSync cable does not stay connected very well. The [non Palm brand] hotsync cables that we now sell for these models is a much better design and we have not had any complaints.

Top of the line:

Top of the line models have some problems. The Clie NR-70 and T-665C running Palm OS 4 are not compatible with PocketLOGGER due to an OS bug. The Palm Tungsten E and W are not compatible and do not work. However, the Palm Tungsten T, T2 and T3 ARE compatible as of March of 2004.

Palm OS Phones:

Palm based phones such as the Samsung I300 and older Handspring Treos are not supported due to significant hardware and OS variations between them and regular Palm OS PDAs. The Treo 650 is currently in testing as of May 2006. We just released the cable for this model. If you would like to test, please contact us.

Hotsync Cables:

Every Palm comes with some sort of way to connect it to a PC. There are two possible ways this is done: either using a Serial connection or using USB. Most, if not all current PDAs come with a USB cable or cradle. Some older Palms came with a serial cable or cradle. While you can use a serial cradle with PocketLOGGER we do not recommend it due the fact that the Palm simply won't stay seated in a moving car. We highly recommend buying a Hotsync Serial Cable for use with PocketLOGGER. This also allows you to leave your cradle connected to your computer.

USB Cradles and Cables are not compatible with PocketLOGGER. This includes the Belkin Serial/USB Hotsync Y cable. Some newer PDAs do not have a serial port, but only a USB port. These Palms are, and never will be compatible with PocketLOGGER. So-called "USB to Serial" adapters are not compatible as they are made to connect to PC USB ports, not USB ports of products you normally plug into a PC.

We carry a complete line of Serial Hotsync Cables with the exception of the Visor Edge.


If you run logging or viewing all the time, you will go through batteries, especially if you use the backlight. Rechargeable units are a bit more expensive, but should be a consideration. Rechargeable AAA batteries are another option.

Please check our Compatibility Chart for up to date PDA compatibility information. The chart is kept up to date with the latest information we have.


More information:
If you still need to purchase a PDA, it is a good idea to read the Palm System Requirements before you buy one.

Customer review:
PocketLOGGER for DSM:
DSM Pocketlogger works great on my Galant and Laser; you can tune by watching knock counts and duty cycle. Big numbers is a great ... more
-Martin T., San Diego, CA
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