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PDA Compatibility
PDA Brand and Model Compatible w/ PocketLOGGER?
Garmin iQue 3600 No No
Handera 330 Yes Yes
Handspring Treo (All but 90)
[Also see PalmOne]
No No
Handspring Treo 90 Yes Yes
Handspring Visor (all models except Edge) Yes Yes
Handspring Visor Edge Yes Yes
IBM Workpad Yes Yes
IBM Workpad c3 Yes Yes
Kyocera 7135 Smartphone No No
Kyocera Smartphone (QCP 6035) No No
Palm 2MB upgrade Yes Yes
Palm Centro Yes - RD Yes
Palm i705 handheld Yes Yes
Palm IIIc/IIIx/IIIe/IIIxe handheld Yes Yes
Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager Yes - RD Yes
Palm m100/m105 handheld Yes Yes
Palm m125/m130 handheld Yes Yes
Palm m500/m505/m515 handheld Yes Yes
Palm Pilot III handheld Yes Yes
Palm Tungsten (T/T2/T3) Yes Yes
Palm Tungsten C Yes Yes
Palm Tungsten E No Port No Port
Palm Tungsten E2 DSM Only Yes
Palm Tungsten T5 Yes - RD Yes
Palm Tungsten W Not Tested Not Tested
Palm T|X Yes Yes
Palm V/Vx handheld Yes Yes
Palm VII/VIIx handheld Yes Yes
Palm Zire (21/22/31/51 and "Zire") No Port No Port
Palm Zire 71 Yes Yes
Palm Zire 72 No Port No Port
PalmOne Treo 650 Yes - RD Yes
Samsung i300/i330 No No
Sony CLIE N Series (N770,760,750,710
Yes Yes
Sony CLIE NR Series (NR70/70V) No No
Sony CLIE NX 60/70 Yes Yes
Sony CLIE NX 73V/80V Not Tested No
Sony CLIE NZ Series (NZ90) No No
Sony CLIE S Series (S500/360/320/300) Yes Yes
Sony CLIE SJ 20/22/30 Yes Yes
Sony CLIE SJ 33 No No
Sony CLIE SL Series (SL10) Yes Yes
Sony CLIE T Series (T400/415/425/600/615/625/650) Yes Yes
Sony CLIE T T665 No No
Sony CLIE TG Series (TG50) Not Tested Not Tested
Sony CLIE TH Series (TH55) No No
Sony CLIE TJ Series (TJ25/TJ27/TJ35/TJ37) No No
Sony CLIE UX Series (UX40/UX50) Not Tested Not Tested
Symbol SPT 1500/1550 Series Yes Yes
Symbol SPT 1700/1800 Series Yes Yes
TRG TRGpro Yes Yes

"No" - software as been confirmed not to work on that model.
"Yes" - it is compatible.
"Yes - RD" - you will get a reduced data rate on PocketLOGGER for DSMs.
"No Port" - the Palm does not have a physical serial port.
"No Cable" - no hotsync cable available.
"DSM Only" - does not work with Pocket logger for OBDII.
"Not Tested" - we have not tested it specifically.

If your PDA is on the list and the compatibility information is incorrect, send us an email at:


More information:
If you still need to purchase a PDA, you can get more detailed information here.

Otherwise, if you are looking for the Palm system requirements, you can find those here.

Customer review:
Rtek7 ECU Upgrade:
I really like the product a lot, especially those who are looking for a better and more cost effective way to get rid ... more
-Jesse Watts, Nashville, TN
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