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Will it work with my car?

We have three versions of PocketLOGGER

The "DSM" version covers 90-94 Eclipse, Talon, Laser, and Galant VR4. It also works on 90-93 3000GT/ Stealth. We have just released Version 2.0 of this software that fully supports the 90-93 3000GT/Stealth including rear o2 sensor.

The "OBDII" version of PocketLOGGER covers most Japanese, European, and Chrysler cars manufactured after 96 (inclusive) for sale in the US.

PocketLOGGER ZT does not connect directly to any car and therefor is not car specific. It will work in any car with the proper third party hardware.

OBDI (pre '96 cars)

OBDI is not a standard. While most people refer to cars that aren't OBDII as OBDI, there were no specifications set forth as "OBDI". Cars not manufactured to OBDII spec were not required to adhere to any rules as far as the design of ECU communications. Each manufacturer was free to create there own way to 'talk' to the ECU. It is not as simple as having a cable that plugs into the port. You need to know what to 'say' to the ECU and you need to know what the ECU is going to say back. None of this information is public knowledge. Any information that is out there has been reverse engineered, a very time consuming task. Due to this fact, just because we have a "DSM" version that works with an "OBDI" car doesn't mean it's compatible with other OBDI cars. We may or may not develop a logger version for other popular OBDI cars. At this point no immediate plans have been made.


The US government mandated that all cars manufactured for and after the 96 model year be OBDII compliant. Some manufactures picked up OBDII compliance as early as 94, but typically 95 or 96. If your car is 96 or later, it's OBDII compliant (but still may not work, keep reading). If its 94 or 95, OBDII compliant cars will say so on their under hood sticker.

Just because it's OBDII doesn't mean it will work.

But there is more to compliance. Ford and GM decided to use a different physical layer of the OBDII network. In other words, GM and Ford ECUs say the same thing (since it's OBDII compliant) but the means by which they say it is different. PocketLOGGER is NOT compatible with these cars. Some Toyotas also used this different interface as well as some Chrysler cars.

Known OBDII Incompatibility

Cars that are exceptions to the rules stated above and are NOT compatible with PocketLOGGER for OBDII include (but not limited to):

All GM and Ford cars.
1996-97 Toyotas
All Toyota Supras (including 1998)
1996 ISUZU
1998+ Chrysler Intrepid, 300's, and Concord
Dodge SRT4
99 Subaru Impreza
2004+ Subarus (Inc STi)
99 Mazda Millenia S

At this time we have no plans for a PocketLOGGER version that will work with the above cars.

Click here for *a partial* list of compatible cars and their datarates. If a car is not on the list that does NOT mean it won't work.

Cars outside the US are not required to be OBDII. It is up to the customer to find out whether or not their car is OBDII compliant.

More compatibility info

- Honda's were not OBDII compliant until 96, except for the NSX which was compliant in 95.
- Nissan's were not OBDII compliant until 96.
- Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon were OBDII compliant in 95.
- 3000GT and Stealth were not compliant until 96.


More information:
I know the PocketLOGGER will work with my car, but will it work with my PDA? See the list here.

Customer review:
Rtek7 ECU Upgrade:
I installed it myself in my 88AE, all I have to say is that it is super clean, very easy to install, the ... more
-Adam, Lake Charles, LA
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