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Viewing Logs

In order to view logs on a PC, you need the Java PLViewer program.

Installing the PLViewer

You will need to install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to use the PLViewer. The JRE can be found at: Click "Get it now" and follow the prompts. You must reboot after installation (even though it may not ask you to).

You can download the actual PLViewer program for free on ourPLViewer page. Unzip the PLViewer file you downloaded using WinZip ( into an empty folder. Within the archive there are further installation documents.

Transferring Logs

If you have not setup your PC to Hotsync your Palm, please see the Palm Desktop software documentation that came with your Palm PDA.

Logs that are on your Palm are copied to your PC any time you do a Hotsync, even if you have not installed the PLViewer or Java Runtime Environment. If you are just sending logs to someone, there is no need to install Java or the log viewer.

Depending on your installation of the Palm Desktop software (the program that came with your Palm PDA), log files are usually stored one of the following directories:

c:\Program Files\Palm\[your username]\backup
c:\Palm\[your username]\backup

[your username] is usually some form of your Hotsync Username. If you used your first and last name, the name of the directory is usually a portion of your last name and the initial of your first. If your Username is only one word, then that it typically the name of the directory.

PocketLOGGER log files have filenames that end in
"_-_GFMS.pdb" (DSM), or
"_-_Obd2.pdb" (OBDII), or
"_-_RX7L.pdb" (RX-7), or
"_-_ZtoL.pdb" (ZT).

These labels are added to the name that you assigned the log from within the PocketLOGGER program. Example: If you named the log in the PocketLOGGER for DSM's program "Track Run", the name of the file on your PC would be "Track_Run_-_GFMS.pdb".

Viewing Transferred Logs

Run the PLViewer program and click File->Open. Navigate to the directory that has your log files and open it. Please refer to the PLViewer documentation for instructions on using the PLViewer program.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the PLViewer program or transferring logs, please post them in our forum.


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