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Software Installation

Super-Detailed Software Installation Instructions:

Palm PDA's have the ability to "Hotsync" to a PC or Mac. This allows the user to do two things: 1. Backup data from your PDA onto your computer in case your batteries die. 2. Install new applications. A Hotsync is accomplished by connecting your PDA to your PC via USB or a serial port and having the appropriate software installed on your computer.

In order to get your PocketLOGGER going, the first thing you need to do is make sure you can hotsync your Palm to your computer. This requires you install the Palm Desktop software on your Computer. This software should have come with your Palm. If you need the latest Palm Desktop software, go to Follow the directions in the Palm Desktop documentation until you are able to Hotsync. We do not provide support for this step.

Once you have that going, perform a Hotsync and take note of the name in the upper right hand corner of the Palm screen once the Hotsync is done.

At this point you can register your PocketLOGGER so you can receive the software ZIP file and registration code via email. Go to and follow the directions. You will need to enter the Hotsync name you took note of in the previous step. THIS NAME IS CaSe SEnSitivE, as well as space sensitive. Be sure you enter it exactly as it is displayed on your PDA. (i.e. "Mike" is different than "mike")

Once you get the registration email, PRINT IT OUT AND PUT IT IN A SAFE PLACE. Then unzip the zip file using WinZip or some other unzipper program. Extract the files into a new directory. Make sure you know where you unzip them to. Once the file is unzipped, navigate to that directory.

Typically you can install the program on your Palm by double clicking the "logger.prc" file. The actual filename may differ slightly depending on the product you have, but will always end in ".PRC". If double clicking the file does not automatically bring up the Palm install tool, then you have to open the Palm Install tool manually (Start -> Programs -> Palm Desktop -> Install Tool) then add that file manually. You could also drag and drop it to the install window. If you are installing the OBDII Logger, then drag or double-click the "dtc.pdb" file as well.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the proper user is selected at the top pull down of the install tool. It should match the name you noted in the upper right corner after the Hotsync.

Click Done and then OK. Then Hotsync your Palm. If everything went OK, the program is now installed.

Next, turn on your Palm and run the application launcher on the Palm by pressing the silkscreen button with the house on it (left side next to the graffiti area). You should now see a list of all the applications installed on the Palm. Make sure the upper right corner says "ALL", if not, tap it and change it to ALL.

Scroll until you see the appropriate icon for the product you installed and tap it. This will bring you to the main PocketLOGGER screen.

From there tap the Menu button. The menu silkscreen button is the one right below the app launcher button (the house). It's in the extreme lower left of the display area and has a little down arrow on it. This will bring up the menu at the top of the screen. Tap "Register".

You will now see a name in bold letters in the center of the screen. This should exactly match the Hotsync Username you saw in the upper right corner after a Hotsync as well as the Hotsync username you entered into the registration form.

Within the email we sent with the software, (the one you printed out), you received a registration code. Take that number and enter it into the registration screen on the Palm. You will need to tap the line just below the name in bold so a cursor will pop up. Then enter the number using either graffiti or tap the "123" on the extreme lower right of the graffiti area. This will pop up a little numeric keypad.

Once the number is entered, tap OK. This will bring you to the main screen and "unregistered" should not be displayed any more.

You are ready to datalog.

Be sure to check out the quick start guides to learn how to use the software.
dsm quickstart
obdii quickstart
ZT Instruction Guide (PDF)


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