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Memory Requirements

PDA Memory Use and Requirements:

The PocketLOGGER program, as well as log files, are relatively small. PocketLOGGER for DSMs takes up about 55k of memory, while the OBDII version takes up about 67k. The OBDII version has an optional database that contains text descriptions for all the standard error codes. This database takes up 34k.

Logs vary in size depending on your data capture rate. PocketLOGGER for DSMs, which has the highest data rate (therefore the biggest logs), will take up about 5k of memory per minute. If you had nothing else on your Palm, a 2 meg Palm would hold about 6 hours of logs. An 8 meg Palm will hold about 26 hours of logs. As you can see, even the cheaper 2 meg Palm devices have plenty of memory for logging.

OBDII logs are smaller because of the much slower data rate. At an average data rate of 12 samples per second, you could get 30 hours of logs on a 2 meg Palm.

With all that being said, it should be obvious that you need a certain amount of free memory available on your PDA before you can load and run PocketLOGGER. While the program is running, it will need additional memory than what is needed just to store the program. Because of this, it is not recommended to run PocketLOGGER on a PDA that has less than 100k left of memory.


More information:
If you already own a PDA, and want to see if it is compatible, the list is here.

Otherwise, if you still need to purchase one, you can get more detailed information here.

Customer review:
PocketLOGGER for DSM:
I just picked up a PocketLOGGER for my '90 GSX and am loving it. It runs off of a PDA (Palm, Handspring, Clie, ... more
-Nathan A., Duluth, MN
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