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As of Dec 2017, DTI is no longer selling products.
The site remains up for support purposes.


It is with mixed feelings that I announce that the Rtek line as well as the whole digital tuning company has discontinued operations.

I started out in 2001 selling Palm software for DSMs. A few years later I teamed up with a fellow forum user Henrik to bring RX7 folks the Rtek. Over those years we sold more Rteks than I ever expected and I want to thank all our customers for that. I believe it did a good job at filling the gap between third part add-ons like the AFC and a full standalone.

But just as with the DSM products, there comes a time where the effort to keep the products available outweighs (and outcosts) the demand. For many years the demand for the Rtek line has been dropping. Income from digital tuning has long been too low to be the only thing I do. Between 2009 and 2013 I had been doing consulting in the hybrid/electric vehicle field. For over 3 years now, I've been working full time as a COO and I'm unable to give the occasional order I get the attention it should get which results in a bad customer experience. And truthfully, just knowing I need to be on top of orders and accounting and paying bills and filing reports with the corporate commission, all for very little in return, just uses mental energy I'd rather put elsewhere. So I have come to the decision that 16 years is enough, and it's time to wind it all the way down.

As for support, I will leave the website up, though the RX7 Club Forum is probably more informative than the website.

Email will remain active, and I will try my best to support our current customers as long as I can. Though it will be on "as I have time" basis.

If anyone is interested in purchasing the Rtek assets / IP to keep the product alive (or do whatever you want with it), email me with questions or an offer: sales at digitaltuning. com

Thank you again to all our customers that made it possible to bring the Rtek to the masses, and thank you to the RX7Club board for giving us our own subforum (and not taking it away after IB bought it out)!

Mike Montalvo
digital tuning, inc.

Our line of Rtek7 ECU Upgrades for second generation RX7s is the best alternative to a stand alone ECU on the market. The Rtek7 adds standalone features right into the stock ECU eliminating complex installation or setup.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Window Block is an indestructible and affordable replacement for the cheap plastic piece in the stock window regulator that breaks causing your window to fall down at the most inopportune moment.
Digital Tuning and Zeitronix have partnered up to bring you PocketLOGGER ZT. Written specifically for use with the Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband O2 system, PocketLOGGER ZT allows you to view and datalog all data available from the Zt-2 conveniently on your Palm OS PDA.
PocketLOGGER for DSMs, the original and the best Palm OS based datalogger for first generation Eclipse, Talon, Laser, Galant VR4, 3000GT, and Stealth.


Spanish Translator Wanted
We are looking for a couple people to translate the new DTI website to Spanish. If in interested, please contact us via email.

Jeep Door Clips
We now have Jeep Grand Cherokee Door Panel Clips available for purchase with our Power Window Blocks to make it even easier to complete the installation.

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