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Rtek7 ECU Upgrade
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Rtek7 ECU Upgrade
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digital tuning, inc. is proud to offer a unique line of ECU upgrades for second gen RX7s. Please choose a stage or scroll down for more information.

Stage 1 Stage 2
Suitable for stock to moderately modded RX7s. Several options available. Features vary by car and version. Certain versions can handle basic bolt-ons and slightly higher than stock boost levels without the need for external fuel control*. No tuning or datalogging capabilities. Suitable for moderately to heavily modded RX7s. For the ultimate in flexibility. Full fuel and timing control* with datalogging. Standalone features built into the stock ECU. Cheaper and easier to install than any standalone.

Available for:
S4 (87-88) TII RX7

Available for:
S4 (87-88) TII RX7
S5 (89-91) Non Turbo RX7
S5 (89-91) TII RX7
S4 (86-88) Non Turbo RX7
S5 (89-91) Non Turbo RX7 NEW!
S5 (89-91) Turbo RX7

* As with any engine related product, proper engine tuning and monitoring by a qualified person is required to assure the reliability of any modified engine.

Detailed Information:

  Rtek7 ECU Upgrades for RX7s
  - Rtek7 S4 TII Stage 1
  - Rtek7 S4 TII Stage 2
  - Rtek7 S4 NA Stage 2
  - Rtek7 S5 NA Stage 1
  - Rtek7 S5 NA Stage 2
  - Rtek7 S5 TII Stage 1
  - Rtek7 S5 TII Stage 2

  Additional Information
  - Customer Reviews
  - Compatible Cars
  - Which Stage Should I Get?
  - FCD Explained
  - PDA Information (for Stage 2)

  Rtek7 Operating Instructions
  - S4 T2 Stage 1.0 Instructions
  - S4 T2 Stage 1.5 Instructions
  - S4 T2 Stage 1.7 Instructions
  - S4 T2 Stage 1.8 Instructions

  - S5 T2 Stage 1.5 Instructions [PDF]
  - S5 T2 Stage 1.7 Instructions [PDF]
  - S5 T2 Stage 1.8 Instructions [PDF]

  - S4 T2 Stage 2.0 Instructions [PDF]
  - S4 NA/TII Stage 2.0 Instructions [PDF]

  Rtek7 Installation Instructions
  - S4 Stage 1.5/1.8 Installation [PDF]
  - S5 Stage 1.0 Installation [PDF]
  - S5 Stage 1.5 Installation [PDF]
  - S5 Stage 1.7 Installation [PDF]
  - S5 Stage 1.8 Installation [PDF]


Become a Dealer
We are looking for established performance shops to distrbute Rtek7 ECU Upgrades.

Please download the Dealer Application [PDF] for more information.

Customer review:
Rtek7 ECU Upgrade:
I really like the product a lot, especially those who are looking for a better and more cost effective way to get rid ... more
-Jesse Watts, Nashville, TN
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