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Data Rates

KnockBOX effects on Data Rates:

The data capture rate of the PocketLOGGER for DSMs can be affected when connected with a KnockBOX PL. When you have both the KnockBOX and the PocketLOGGER connected, the KnockBOX will try to 'listen in' on what data the PocketLOGGER is getting. If the PocketLOGGER is logging Knock, Timing, and O2, the KnockBOX will display the information it hears. It will not interfere with the PocketLOGGER's data stream. So, in this instance, the sample rate of the PocketLOGGER is not affected.

If the PocketLOGGER is not logging any or all of the three parameters the KnockBOX is looking for (knock, timing and o2), the KnockBOX will insert requests into the data stream so that the data it needs is sent from the ECU. This will affect the sample rate as seen on the PocketLOGGER. The data the KnockBOX is requesting is done by pausing the PocketLOGGER's datastream causing the data rate as seen by the PocketLOGGER to decrease.

Any time the PocketLOGGER is connected at the same time as a KnockBOX PL, you will see a noticable slowing of the KnockBOX display refresh rate. The numbers will be be updated less frequently as the number of parameters selected in the PocketLOGGER software increase.

In order to get the best performance from your PocketLOGGER and KnockBOX when running both, we recommend setting the PocketLOGGER to log Knock, Timing and O2.


More information:
If you don't know which cars are compatible with the KnockBOX, you can find that information here.

If you need to find what hardware is required to operate the KnockBOX, information and diagrams are here.

If you are looking for installation and operating instructions for the KnockBOX PL (PocketLOGGER version), you can read more here.

Otherwise, the installation and operating instructions for the KnockBOX SA (Stand-Alone version) are here.

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