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KnockBOX Instructions

KnockBOX™ PL Instructions:

KnockBOX™ PL REQUIRES a PocketLOGGER™ datalogger cable (not supplied) in order to function and allows the use of a PocketLOGGER datalogger at the same time.

The KnockBOX™ PL comes with three pieces:

  • One - KnockBOX™
  • One - 2 prong power cable
  • One - 6 prong slave "Y" cable


Slave Cable:

Locate the fuse box near the driver's side kick panel. In the upper right hand corner of the fuse box, you will see a black boot covering a connector. Remove this boot by peeling it left to right. Under the boot, you will find the diagnostic connector.

Plug the Slave cable into the connector. It should snap into place. This is a locking connector. It will not fall out. To remove the cable, *first* fully depress the tab on the left side of the connector, and then gently pull the connector out.

Connect the power lead to an unused fuse port. Make sure the terminal you plug it into has power.

Connect the other end of the PocketLOGGER™ data cable into the female DB-9 connector located on the 6 prong slave cable.

Optional: Connect the HotSync cable from your PDA to the male DB-9 connector located on the 6 prong slave cable.

Connect the 6 prong connector (located on the opposite end of the slave Y cable) to the back of the KnockBOX™.

Power Cable:

Connect the red power lead to any ignition controlled power source.

Connect the black ground to any suitable chassis ground.

Connect the 2 prong connector (located on the opposite end of the exposed red/black wires) to the back of the KnockBOX™.

The KnockBOX™ is now ready.


Upon powerup, the KnockBOX will go through a brief self-test. It will then display "X.XX YY YY" where X is the firmware version number and Y is either blank or "30 00" if your KnockBOX is for a 3000GT/Stealth.

Once the self-test is complete, the screen should go to all dashes. This indicates that there is no communication. Within 5 seconds, numbers should come up on the display if the ignition is on. If they do not, check to make sure the slave Y cable is connected properly to your PocketLOGGER cable and the PocketLOGGER cable is properly connected to the car and powered.

Any time you start or stop the PocketLOGGER software when connected with the KnockBOX, the KnockBOX display may briefly display all dashes as it switches between stand alone and listen modes.


More information:
If you don't know which cars are compatible with the KnockBOX, you can find that information here.

If you are wondering what effects the KnockBOX has on PocketLOGGER datarates, that information is here.

If you need to find what hardware is required to operate the KnockBOX, information and diagrams are here.

Otherwise, the installation and operating instructions for the KnockBOX SA (Stand-Alone version) are here.

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